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Jason Derulo. Courtesy of Flickr. 

Princeton annual report reveals 90% of budget spent on Eisgruber’s personal collection of Jason Derulo memorabilia

A footnote to the University’s budget report for the 2019–2020 fiscal year reveals that the majority of funds were used by President Christopher Eisgruber ’83 to expand his private collection of Jason Derulo merchandise. A source close to the president said that the collection includes life-size wax figurines of the singer and his background dancers, personalized vinyl records, and thousands of signed t-shirts from Derulo’s 2014 worldwide tour.

SATIRE | 11/30/2020

Self-crowned ‘Tiger King’ Eisgruber goes public with his love for Carole Baskin

President Christopher Eisgruber ’83 has changed his official title to “Tiger King Eisgruber” amid an ongoing love affair with famed big-cat rights activist and CEO of Big Cat Rescue, Carole Baskin. “What can I say? The two of us really hit it off,” Eisgruber said in an interview over Zoom, “and we’ve been emailing ever since.”

SATIRE | 11/30/2020

‘Dick’ Tator ’22 takes over Zoom class, locks professor in waiting room

When a revealing message was unintentionally sent to the whole class, Professor Tyra Nickle, embarrassed, left the meeting. In doing so, she inadvertently ceded her powers as host to an unassuming student. “I was just overwhelmed with power,” said Richard “Dick” Tator ’22, as he took the reins of his digital economics seminar.

SATIRE | 11/30/2020

Dean of the College Jill Dolan.

‘Here’s Jilly!’: How Dean Dolan took control of Nassau Hall

Excluded from the Ivy League presidents’ group chat, Dean Jill Dolan decided to stage a coup. After a failed barricade and tumultuous battle, Dolan claimed victory, declaring herself President of the University. From life in the aftermath, The Daily Princetonian releases a month-long investigation charting Dolan’s rise to power.

SATIRE | 11/30/2020

Ans Nawaz / The Daily Princetonian

‘Take it into my own hands’: Molecular biology graduate student develops COVID-19 vaccine

Antonia Foochi, a second year graduate student in the Department of Molecular Biology, developed a COVID-19 vaccine in the Lewis Thomas Laboratory over the summer. She spent the fall testing the vaccine on students in her MOL214 precept — to great success.

SATIRE | 11/30/2020

Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

Squirrels in Firestone stressed over finals, lack motivation to finish up the semester

With significantly fewer students around, many campus squirrels feel this has been a time to establish a solid footing on campus. The squirrels were able to set up their own Furrinceton University, but are feeling the pressure as finals near. Their wish? For the students to return, and with them, normal life.

SATIRE | 11/30/2020

The ‘Micrasuit,’ courtesy of Production Club.
Kenny Peng / The Daily Princetonian

Introducing the ‘Micrasuit’: Princeton releases new plan to open Prospect Avenue

In an effort to balance campus safety with student social life, administrators have created an innovative plan to open the Street next semester: hazmat party suits. “[The suit will] allow students to ‘get lit’ without compromising social distancing and safety. The style is very in with the youth,” Eisgruber explained in a video announcement.

SATIRE | 11/30/2020

Sen. Ted Cruz ’92 sits for an official portrait.
Courtesy of Ted Cruz Congressional website

Princeton Law School emerges from underground

After over a century and a half of underground operations, Princeton Law School (PLS) has finally reinstated its public presence. Previously thought to have closed in 1852 due to financial problems, PLS instead moved into a system of catacombs under the University’s campus. “Students learn how to revere — really, worship — the Constitution,” said the Dean of PLS, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-T.X.) ’92 LS ’95.

SATIRE | 11/30/2020

Rights Rules and Responsibilities was updated to reflect the prohibition on pirating ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.’
Photo courtesy of Princeton University Rights Rules and Responsibilities 

Honor Committee adds "pirating 'Paul Blart Mall Cop 2'" to list of crimes punishable by year-long suspension and crippling social exclusion

Henceforth undergraduates will be required to sign a pledge whenever accessing the University WiFi “I pledge my honor that I have not pirated Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, and have no intention of pirating Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.”

NEWS | 01/07/2020