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Zachary Shevin
Zachary Shevin


Tower Club buys Fine Hall, spurs Street-wide change

Tower Club has purchased and relocated into Fine Hall, the former home of the Princeton mathematics department. Since this transpired, multiple other clubs have begun to reconsider their own misnomers, creating a very different ‘Street’ than students are used to.

"Double Sights" earns mixed reviews from local skateboarders

“I appreciate how the Woody Woo Inverted Half Pipe lets me pop insane frontside laser flips,” skater Rodney Mullen said. “But I’m unsure if we should be commemorating this man at a diverse and forward-thinking educational institution given his segregationist policies and rhetoric during his tenure as president of the University.”

15 U.-affiliated historians sign letter supporting impeachment

The group released the letter just two days before the anticipated congressional vote on articles of impeachment directed towards Trump, whose actions the historians describe as “a clear and present danger to the Constitution.” The letter assesses that if President Trump’s misconduct is not grounds for impeachment, almost nothing is.

Shaffin Siddiqui ’22 disqualified from USG race due to a series of technicalities

Shaffin Siddiqui ’22 has been disqualified from the election for University Student Government (USG) Academics Chairperson due to campaign violations. After being issued a probation on campaigning for promoting his campaign on the USG-run Free Food listserv, Siddiqui was ultimately disqualified due to a Facebook-Messenger-related technicality.

Xiyue Wang released from detainment in Iran

The University had also taken an active role in advocating for Wang’s 2019 release. In a statement this morning, President Christopher Eisgruber expressed his joy regarding the release, and his gratitude towards all parties who mediated the release.

Who do WWS graduates serve?: Analyzing 75 years of alumni profiles

An analysis of alumni career data, available in the TigerNet Alumni Directory, shows that while the WWS sends more students into government jobs per capita than any other major, a WWS graduate student is nearly seven times more likely than an undergraduate to go into government.