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Zachary Shevin
Zachary Shevin


Mayor praises NJ Immigrant Trust Directive, condemns Justice Dept. lawsuit

On Feb. 10, the U.S. Department of Justice sued the state of New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General Gubir Grewal over the state’s Immigrant Trust Directive. Enacted in 2018, the Directive limits how much state, county, and local law enforcement officers can assist federal immigration authorities.

Twenty-eight seniors run for Young Alumni Trustee

According to Deputy University Spokesperson Michael Hotchkiss, the average number of candidates since YAT began keeping statistics is 25. Last year, 30 students ran for the position, which Varghese eventually attained.

Announced U. block plan cheaper than current meal plans

The University plans to eliminate all current “Block” meal plans for upperclass and graduate students and replace them with a more cost-effective option, the “Block 105” plan. In addition, the University will allow students with “Block” plans access to dining halls during fall and spring recess beginning next year. 

Tower Club buys Fine Hall, spurs Street-wide change

Tower Club has purchased and relocated into Fine Hall, the former home of the Princeton mathematics department. Since this transpired, multiple other clubs have begun to reconsider their own misnomers, creating a very different ‘Street’ than students are used to.

"Double Sights" earns mixed reviews from local skateboarders

“I appreciate how the Woody Woo Inverted Half Pipe lets me pop insane frontside laser flips,” skater Rodney Mullen said. “But I’m unsure if we should be commemorating this man at a diverse and forward-thinking educational institution given his segregationist policies and rhetoric during his tenure as president of the University.”

15 U.-affiliated historians sign letter supporting impeachment

The group released the letter just two days before the anticipated congressional vote on articles of impeachment directed towards Trump, whose actions the historians describe as “a clear and present danger to the Constitution.” The letter assesses that if President Trump’s misconduct is not grounds for impeachment, almost nothing is.