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About Us

Newsroom entrance straightened
The entrance to 48 University Pl., which houses The Daily Princetonian’s newsroom.
Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

Who We Are

The Daily Princetonian is dedicated to serving Princetonians past, present, and future through transparent, accurate, and empathetic reporting. In this spirit, we aim to forge connections among those invested in the Princeton community, no matter who they are and where they are. 

Since 1876, The Daily Princetonian (the ‘Prince’) has served as Princeton University’s only daily student news publication. Our paper is student-run, not-for-profit, and financially independent from the University. Although we take pride in our print paper, we commit ourselves to becoming a digital-first organization and interacting with our readers in new and innovative ways, on whatever platform they desire.

We perform, first and foremost, a public service. We seek to inform and engage our readers by delivering reliable, timely, and truthful news and commentary that matter. We aim to drive campus conversation, uphold high journalistic standards, and innovate in how we tell stories.

In particular, we resolve to elevate voices that have historically been underrepresented, both on our campus and in our newsroom, and to tell these stories with an eye towards clarity and accessibility.  In short, we commit to holding ourselves accountable, in order to keep others accountable inside and outside of our community.

As the landscape of the journalism industry demands greater diversity, both in the newsroom and in coverage, we are striving to meet the call. Our staff comprises nearly 200 undergraduate students, many of them writers, photographers, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and so much more. No matter their background, all are committed to our singular mission. 

Meet Us

Our Mission

In order to complete its mission with integrity, the ‘Prince’ has set out four guiding principles. These values act as the foundation from which we train our staff, create our coverage, and continue to serve the community around us.

We are dedicated to transparency. The ‘Prince’ wishes to show itself and the members of the Orange Bubble as they are. This extends beyond our reporting. The ‘Prince’ makes it its mission to not only offer a window into Princeton life, but also to share the perspectives of those involved in that collective life, so that they can share their stories and make themselves known.

We are dedicated to diversity. The ‘Prince’ strives to have a staff that is representative of the student body in order to be most attentive to all aspects of campus life and ensure the inclusion of those voices that have been traditionally excluded from both the larger journalism industry and the ‘Prince’ itself. Princeton’s story is not and will never be complete until all its voices are heard.

We are dedicated to intentionality. As a paper financially independent from the University, we have the opportunity to shine a light on all aspects of Princeton, whether in critique or in praise of Old Nassau. We seek to be intentional about the platform we provide and to whom we provide it, ensuring that all those who read, view, or listen to our content come away from the ‘Prince’ more informed and better connected.

We are dedicated to community. We are unique among professional publications in that our members are embedded in the community they serve. Moreover, the digital age requires a new understanding of journalism that extends beyond the print medium. It requires a multiplicity of skills as well as voices, and we seek to weave together the talents of Princeton’s best writers, reporters, editors, designers, photographers, videographers, artists, cartoonists, and entrepreneurs to bring Princeton’s paper of record forward into the future.

It’s our incredible privilege to serve you, our reader. We always welcome your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. If you’d like to learn more about the ‘Prince’ or reflect on our work, please contact our Editor-in-Chief at

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