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For story tips and questions, contact the newsroom at newsroom@dailyprincetonian.com. You can also submit tips at this link.

For information about advertising (i.e., a group or event) and subscriptions, contact the Business office at business@dailyprincetonian.com or (609) 375-8553.

For correction requests, contact our editors at managingeditor@dailyprincetonian.com. Please be advised we do not have the ability to respond to all requests, but all requests brought to editors are considered in timely fashion.

For guest contributions to opinion, contact opinion@dailyprincetonian.com. The Daily Princetonian considers op-eds and letters to the editor for publication. Op-eds typically run from 600 to 900 words, but submissions of any length will be considered. Op-eds should be well-written, have a clear thesis, and be clearly argumentative. Letters to the editor should be focused on a recent article or 'Prince' coverage as a whole and can range from 100-400 words. All pieces submitted to The Daily Princetonian should be specifically relevant to the Princeton community. 

We do not accept pieces on sensitive issues from non-university affiliates (people who are not Princeton students, faculty, staff, alumni or parents) unless that person is directly affected by the matter in question. We strive to publish quality content, so we exercise discretion in selecting columns. All submissions must be original and exclusive to the 'Prince.' We will not consider articles that have already been published, in any form, in print or online elsewhere. All factual claims must be substantiated. We have the same expectations of guest contributors as of our own staff. Publication is contingent on completing the same editorial process that our writers must go through.

The Prospect, the arts and culture section of the ‘Prince’, accepts guest contributions to our series of Self essays, which aims to open a window into Princeton community members’ lives. If you’d like to share your voice and experience with the Princeton community, contact prospect@dailyprincetonian.com.

Self essays are written in the first person and convey one’s own experience. Similar to opinion pieces, articles typically run around 800 words, though they can be as short as 500 words or as long as 1200 words, and all submissions must be original and exclusive to the ‘Prince.’ Unlike opinion columns, these Self essays are not meant to be of an argumentative or persuasive nature. Instead, the focus of a Self essay you would like to submit for publication should be your experience and voice.

Content from The Daily Princetonian can be linked or used for non-commercial educational use without permission. If you are looking to reprint content from The Daily Princetonian for any other reason, please email managingeditor@dailyprincetonian.com for permission. The 'Prince' reserves rights to all content published on the website and within our archives for which copyright is active. All reprints must include appropriate citation and online reprints must include a link to the website. The 'Prince' does not currently entertain recurring reprints of series or columns.

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