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Letter from the Editor: Reflection on campus discourse

Today, so many of us mourn the lives lost in a mass shooting at a church in San Antonio – a gross violation of the sanctity of a place of worship and its community. Today, I hang my head in shame at our collective inaction and complacency. As a journalist, I hang my head in shame at the proliferation of fake news and a double standard in the reporting on recent attacks. As a student, I hang my head in shame at our silence. Prayers and condolences are not enough, so I ask each of us to critically consider our capacity and responsibility to act in the service of humanity. Our campus community seems confined to politically polarized echo chambers, and it can be rare to find a platform for discussion across ideological differences, as opposed to vitriolic debate defined by identity politics. I invite you to engage directly with someone who does not share your race, faith, or political stance, because we are all part of one community and the onus is on each and every one of us to act in its service.

OPINION | 10/05/1972

Letter from the Editors: Protect our students

Trump may end DACA as early as Sept. 1. We urge Trump not to end DACA without a suitable, compassionate, and permanent replacement and the University to bring DACA students back to campus before the Sept. 5 deadline imposed by the group of attorneys general who have threatened to sue the Trump administration. Let’s live up to our motto — “Princeton in the nation’s service and the service of humanity.”

OPINION | 12/09/1972