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Austerity is not an option

The administration is asking graduate students and University workers to bear the brunt of these costs, while shareholders and the endowment are insulated from the restructuring. The University is asking us to make “sacrifices” while it proceeds to sacrifice us.


Same sport, different pay

Though newspapers across the US, concerned activists, and even Princeton University itself decry the sexism in society in past and present against women, ... Read More

Communalism of class struggle

The critique that Lee levels at individualistic thinking is an astute one; it is long past time that a higher sensibility be cultivated. Yet, the reality ... Read More

Making an effort

We now have to take the initiative to maintain our relationships — with everyone, from friends to professors to love interests. While this lesson is ... Read More

This isn’t normal

Columnist Julia Chaffers argues that we should not expect ourselves to meet normal expectations in our current reality. Read More

Requiem for studio culture

With Princeton’s transition to digital classes, we lost the physicality of the studio, and all the experiences that come with it. We are still expected ... Read More