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Dockx '18 at the 2020 World Series and during her time at Princeton.

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Princeton in the Pros: Danielle Dockx ’18

Danielle Dockx ’18 knew she wanted to go into medicine and that she wanted to work in the sports industry. However, she was told that she could only put her two passions together if she put medicine first and sports second. This wasn’t an option for Dockx. Instead, she put her passion for sports first, making it her number-one priority, and landed a job with the Tampa Bay Rays.

SPORTS | November 19

James Hartley ’23 via

Tiger Time-Out: James Hartley ’23

James Hartley ’23, an outside hitter for the men’s volleyball team looking to major in CEE, took a leave of absence after his first year at Princeton, a decision he was initially unsure of. Now, Hartley has come to realize how great of a decision it was, as he has found new jobs, activities, and opportunities to keep him busy.

SPORTS | November 12