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Mel Hornyak / Theatre Intime

Theatre Intime’s ‘As You Like It: A Radio Play’ is a multifront victory for accessible theater

“As You Like It,” which premiered on Nov. 20, is the second PSC production I’ve seen — or, I should say, heard. Unlike previous PSC shows, this comedy took place virtually in the “radio play” format, named for the historic practice of theater works which are performed over radio broadcast.

THE PROSPECT | December 6

Sentient satellites? Futuristic football? Jon Bois’s longform speculative fictions “17776” and “20020” push the boundaries of imagination while reflecting on familiar questions.
Sydney Peng / The Daily Princetonian

The surprising poignancy of futuristic football: Jon Bois’ ‘17776’ and ‘20020’

What will football look like in the future? Jon Bois explores this question and much more in his long-form multimedia speculative fiction narratives “17776” and “20020.” Staff writer Molly Cutler ’23 reviews these works and reflects on their surprising power, even for those who aren’t sports enthusiasts.

THE PROSPECT | November 11

Glenna Jane Galarion for The Daily Princetonian

Q&A with Glenna Jane Galarion ’21, opening act for fall 2020 Lawnparties

Glenna Jane Galarion ’21 is the opening act for Jason Derulo, the headliner chosen for virtual fall 2020 Lawnparties. Born in Tokyo, Glenna Jane considers Las Vegas her hometown, but she is currently living in Ocean City, N.J. She is an anthropology major with certificates in theater and music theater. The Daily Princetonian sat down with Glenna Jane to discuss the event and her music. 

THE PROSPECT | October 31

Annabelle Berghof / The Daily Princetonian

Zoom backgrounds and creativity collide in this year’s production of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

Every year, PUP and Theatre Intime put on a shadow cast performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, where actors pantomime the actions of characters as the movie is projected onto a screen behind them. This year’s performance will take place entirely over Zoom. Cast members and the production team reflect on their experiences.

THE PROSPECT | October 29

Courtesy of Valeria Torres-Olivares ’22

From folk to hip-hop: protest music through the years

Increasingly political content in entertainment is quickly becoming an epochal, cultural trend. But despite its increasing frequency, it continues to be accompanied by staunch, resolute objection: people continue to dislike the invasive nature of today’s politics, and especially its invasion into entertainment and media. But perhaps those voices are forgetting that entertainment has always been political and nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the rich history of protest music in the United States of America.

THE PROSPECT | October 28

A reimagining of the poster for the 2020 remake of "Mulan," in which the reflection on Mulan's sword is of a white woman instead of her soldier form.
Sandy Yang / The Daily Princetonian

How Disney’s “Mulan” (2020) fell short of both Western and Eastern audiences’ expectations

The live-action remake of “Mulan” tries to incorporate many new elements with good intentions, but ultimately, the movie is poorly executed. It doesn’t work as a film that elicits nostalgia, it doesn’t work as a historical drama that explores Chinese culture, and it doesn’t even work well as a standalone film considered completely separate from the original. 

THE PROSPECT | October 20