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Caitlin Limestahl


USG brainstorms elections, virtual community building

Social Chair Sophie Torres ’21 announced that although spring Lawnparties was cancelled, the fall Lawnparties budget will not be doubled. Instead, part of the spring Lawnparties’ allocated budget will be used in the fall, and the rest will potentially be used this semester. Torres also said that the same headliner who was booked for spring will perform in the fall. 

Princeton municipality, community respond to COVID-19 crisis

“We live in a small, interconnected town,” Lempert wrote. “The University and larger community are tied together in multiple ways. So when we put social distancing protocols in place, it makes it more challenging to meet and interact with each other and the general energy level in the town feels quieter.”

USG, architecture firm discuss Dillon Gym renovations

The Senate suggested new features and improvements they would like to see at the gym, including better ventilation and lighting throughout the building, larger spaces for rock climbing, revamped squash courts, more prox-accessible entryways, and bigger rooms for fitness classes, yoga, and strength and conditioning exercises.