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Caitlin Limestahl


USG to survey undergraduates for Fall 2020 preferences

“We want this to be a really comprehensive report so that student opinions are really being elevated as these big discussions are happening, of course keeping in mind that, ultimately, decisions rely on public health guidelines,” said USG President Chitra Parikh ’21.

USG announces Class Government, U-Council election results

It was also announced that the single referendum to “call on Princeton University to limit the widespread printing and distribution of the physical copy of the ‘Rights, Rules, [and] Responsibilities’” passed with 88% of voters and 2,055 votes in support.

To the late meal California burger — oh, how I miss you


Recently, my mother asked me what I miss most from my incomplete first year as a Princeton student. When remembering began to hurt just a little bit too much, I gave an answer that was true, just not entirely: I missed the California burger from late meal. 

USG brainstorms elections, virtual community building

Social Chair Sophie Torres ’21 announced that although spring Lawnparties was cancelled, the fall Lawnparties budget will not be doubled. Instead, part of the spring Lawnparties’ allocated budget will be used in the fall, and the rest will potentially be used this semester. Torres also said that the same headliner who was booked for spring will perform in the fall.