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Allan Shen


Venerated mathematical physicist Freeman J. Dyson dies at 96

Despite his mathematical contributions to the theories of quantum electrodynamics, Dyson did not receive the 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics alongside Feynman, Schwinger, and Tomonaga. The theoretical physicist Steven Weinberg GS ’57, who shared the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics, told the New York Times in 2009 that the Nobel Prize Committee “fleeced” Dyson by not awarding him a prize for his work on quantum electrodynamics.

“Touch the Sun”: U. professor McComas helps design record-breaking spacecraft

Launched atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Aug. 12, 2018, the NASA Parker Solar Probe mission, nicknamed “Parker,” was a $1.5 billion project. The mission seeks to “touch the Sun,” discovering the secrets of the star’s corona by performing unprecedented observations and measurements of solar winds, magnetic fields, and energetic particles that originate from the star’s mysterious outer atmosphere.