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Mark Dodici

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Black Princetonians across the nation weigh in on racism, policing, and recent protests

Demonstrations have swept the nation in the weeks since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We spoke with six Princeton students about their experiences protesting, thoughts on recent activism, and hopes for change.

Photo Caption: Max West after striking out in game one of the Columbia series

Photo Credit: Mark Dodici, Sports Staff Writer / Daily Princetonian

Baseball falls 2–1 in a three-game series against Columbia

Princeton’s baseball team played a three game series against Columbia on Saturday and Sunday where they won one and lost two against Lions. Senior Max West remains hopeful about the remainder of the season, though, “We have every piece of the puzzle that we need to be a winning team, and in these next coming weeks we’re just going to have to put it all together.”

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Cornel West, Robert George talk free speech, campus memory, and courage

In a wide-ranging interview, Associate News & Features Editor Marie-Rose Sheinerman sat down with Professor of Jurisprudence Robert George and Professor Emeritus Cornel West GS’80 to discuss the two scholars’ recent op-ed in The Boston Globe, “On Honesty and Courage”. In the piece, the two long-time friends called on former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump — along with the American people — to uphold the aforementioned values during this difficult moment for our nation. In the interview, George and West discuss the renaming of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, formerly known as the Woodrow Wilson School; recent controversy surrounding an op-ed by Professor Joshua Katz; campus memory of the Black Justice League, a Black student activist group; historical figures the two believe ought be elevated; and the importance of diverging from mainstream perspectives, no matter the social consequences. Editing by Mark Dodici ’22.

News | 10/21/2020

Princeton releases campus policy and ICE makes a dramatic change — Rapid Reactions on Zoom

On June 6, Princeton University announced its on-campus policies for the 2020-21 school year. Around the same time, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement instated a policy that puts many international students at risk for deportation. Hear what students had to say later that day. Video by Mark Dodici '22 Interviews by Dodici and Ergene Kim '23 On-campus footage by Juan José López Haddad '22.

News | 10/21/2020

When Princeton Stopped: 50 years on from the Strike of 1970

Fifty years ago, on April 30, 1970, President Richard Nixon made an announcement. As the United States invaded Cambodia in a shocking continuation of the Vietnam War, Princeton University found itself amid a surge of anger, despair, and passion from a young generation looking for change. It's a situation mirrored beautifully in the present day, as the nation grapples with the effects of both a pandemic and generations of systemic racism. Hear about the University Strike of May 1970 and the era that it embodied so well from the people in the middle of it all in this exclusive Princetonian documentary. Produced and narrated by Mark Dodici '22. Interviews by James Anderson '23, Ergene Kim '23, Zachary Shevin '22, and Dodici. On-campus videos by JJ Lopez Haddad '22

News | 10/21/2020

Policy expert Heather Howard, former NJ Commissioner of Health, discusses the COVID-19 pandemic

Heather Howard, a lecturer at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School, former New Jersey Commissioner of Health, and member of the Domestic Policy Council during the Clinton administration, discusses how her courses have changed (1:03), the national response to the pandemic (5:45), the lines along which the novel coronavirus seems to discriminate (7:28), and her opinion on Princeton's optional P/D/F policy for the semester (12:57). Video by Mark Dodici '22

News | 10/21/2020

BREAKING | Princeton U. is sending all students home — rapid reactions from Frist Campus Center

In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, Princeton University has asked all students to leave campus by March 19 for the rest of the semester. This is a step up from the announcement Monday that all classes would move online following next week's spring break, a statement which recommended (but did not demand) students stay home until at least April 5. Video by Mark Dodici '22 and Zachary Shevin '22.

News | 10/21/2020

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