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Evelyn Doskoch


Charter Club to reinstate Bicker in 2021

Charter has been a sign-in club since 1977, when it eliminated its selective Bicker process with the goal of attracting more members. The sophomores who authored the proposal have adopted the opposite philosophy in attempting to sustain Charter’s dwindling membership. This switch will skew the ratio of sign-in to Bicker clubs on the Street from 5:6 to 4:7.

Hundreds attend ‘No War with Iran’ protest in town

At the Princeton rally, speakers described the current political situation and argued against American military action. Rallygoers bore signs saying “Diplomacy Not War,” “Remove Trump,” “Hands Off the Middle East,” and “Prevent WWIII.”

USG presidential candidates discuss platforms before crowd of 11

The presidential candidates presented their campaign platforms and answered questions sent in ahead of time, which pertained to the candidates' visions for the role of USG President and issues of inclusivity, advocacy, cooperation with University administration, and mental health.

Tenants of 20 Nassau Street to lose storefronts and offices

The 140 tenants of 20 Nassau Street, recently sold for $32 million to the hotel chain Graduate Hotels, are not just shocked by the news that they will soon lose their long-held office spaces and storefronts in downtown Princeton — they are outraged.