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Sam Kagan


‘This America’ chosen as Pre-read for the Class of 2024

“This is an extraordinarily challenging historical moment,” Lepore said, “where all kinds of capacity and courage and integrity and doggedness and resourcefulness and creativity is called for, and it’s useful to think about that as a historical matter.”

Q&A with @lonelycovidtiger: Jeongmin ‘JM’ Cho ’21

Jeongmin “JM” Cho ’21, the student behind the Instagram account @lonelycovidtiger, opens up about documenting campus life amid COVID-19. “I hope we will be looking back and be able to appreciate the things that we may have otherwise taken for granted — simple things like being able to be with one another, hug your friends, and express appreciation.”

Two U. juniors return home safely from Morocco

The Near Eastern Studies concentrator booked a flight out of Casablanca on March 15, expecting to depart on March 20 and land in Washington D.C. Just a few hours later, the Moroccan government grounded all international flights in or out of the country.

U. requires all students abroad to return to their permanent residences

Citing a declaration from the World Health Organization of COVID-19’s status as a pandemic and heightened alerts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the University is recalling students from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Kenya, Panama, the Middle East/North Africa region, Singapore, and South Africa.

Q&A with Sarah Kliff, health policy journalist

Sarah Kliff stands among America’s preeminent health policy reporters. She sat down with The Daily Princetonian to discuss COVID-19, the price of healthcare, and former President Barack Obama.