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Braden Flax


The grand word: integrity

As part of this University, we should be tied together more by seriousness regarding racial justice than by the disciplinary matters that many of us promote and pride. 

Communalism of class struggle

The critique that Lee levels at individualistic thinking is an astute one; it is long past time that a higher sensibility be cultivated. Yet, the reality of the situation is harsher than how Lee imagines it.  

In trustees we trust

The inevitable question then, when all is said and done, is the following: if not ours, whose interests does the University serve?

Language and our tendency to self-absolve

There are points at which the way we discuss destructive behavior, whether of ourselves or others, becomes the abuse, as opposed to the use, of the language that should represent a tool for validation and resolution.

The problem with Jeff Bezos’s philanthropy

Collective crises require collective solutions, rather than the appropriation of agency, responsibility, and credit by so narrow a source as a well-funded, and often ill-advised, financial titan.

The facts aren’t everything

Facts, I do not deny, have their place and usefulness. But the liberals who are repudiated by a disillusioned public do not get to lay claim to them perpetually, and even where they’re right, they’d be well-advised to check their pretentious attitude — if not for the sake of Trump, then for the persuasion of those who regard him in a positive light.

Turn off the winter

If our own administration could warm the outside as readily as the inside, why would they do otherwise?

Correcting the record on Cami Anderson

The alleged merits of ThirdWay are predicated on Anderson's own credentials, which, given her behavior as superintendent of Newark Schools, bodes ill for the organization so long as she heads it.