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Julia Chaffers


This isn’t normal

Columnist Julia Chaffers argues that we should not expect ourselves to meet normal expectations in our current reality.

The Bloomberg problem

It is difficult to hold someone accountable who is not beholden to anyone for funding. It is challenging to campaign against someone who can drown you out with an unending stream of advertising and the media coverage that accompanies it.

Silenced on the biggest stage

Columnist Julia Chaffers argues that the International Olympic Committee undermines its claim to values like equality by silencing athletes taking politically-motivated actions.

Enough is enough

America is unlike any other country on the planet in terms of amount of firearms and frequency of gun violence. Continuing to do nothing enforces this pattern, and the cycle will continue.

Beyond Soccer: Lessons from the World Cup

The team’s commitment to lifting others up as they rise presents an example for each of us, aspiring World Cup winners or otherwise. They show us how to use our reach to fight for equality, for ourselves and for others, in whatever we do.