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Guest Contributor


Why I would volunteer to get infected with COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, many people want to help the world get through the pandemic. Recently, I realized that in addition to social distancing, I can do something else — volunteer for vaccine human challenge trials.

A call to action while we stay at home

Although this might seem at first contradictory to the stay-at-home orders, for those of us with the privilege and comfort of safe environments, now is our time to get involved. We came to Princeton to become leaders in our fields and serve the world – a pandemic isn’t the time to forget that mission, but rather the time to get to work.

Hope isn’t cancelled

This year, when we are all restricted from leaving our homes and passing through the threshold of our doorways into the world, let us stand up despite our isolation, anxiety and despair, and open our doors and our hearts with singing. 

When your vote doesn’t count

Whatever my political preferences are, I should be given the same opportunity as any other American to choose from the wide array of candidates.