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USG announces winners of freshman class council elections

The new Class of 2017 class council officers were announcedFridayevening by USG president Shawon Jackson '15 in an email sent to the freshman class.The new officers areNusrat Ahmed '17,CJ Harris '17,Luke Li '17,Nathan Suek '17 and AndrewSun '17.The five freshmen were chosen out of 23 who ran for the position.Sun received 253 votes, Suek received 233 votes, Harris received 197 votes, Li recieved 174 votes and Ahmed received 173 votes.Jackson did not disclose in the email the percentage of votes each elected officer received.A referendum in the election of April 2012eliminated officer positionsfor the freshman class council.

NEWS | 10/11/2013


PFA and Legacy merge as single Christian fellowship

Two of the University's most prominent undergraduate Christian organizations, whose membership had been delineated largely along racial lines, merged this fall, following a lengthy discussion over the previous academic year. At Reunions this past May, Princeton Faith and Action, a campus Christian leadership ministry, and Legacy, a mainly African-American Christian fellowship group, co-hosted a number of religious panels, services and meals.

NEWS | 10/09/2013

Kugelmass ’14 proposes new USG Transparency Committee

U-Council Chair Elan Kugelmass ’14 proposed creating a three-member “USG Transparency Committee” at the weekly USG meeting on Sunday evening. Responding to criticisms he said he’d received from students about how many of the USG’s projects take place outside of the Senate meetings, he said the proposed three-member committee would be an “experiment” with the role of distributing USG information to students who request it. The role of the committee would not overlap with that of Richard Lu ’16, who currently serves as the USG communications director, Kugelmass said.

NEWS | 10/06/2013

SHARE pilots freshman online course, plans program for juniors

Members of the Class of 2017 were required to complete a new online Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources and Education course— along with the traditional AlcoholEdu—prior to their arrival on campus this year. The course, called "Unless There's Consent," aims to educate students on sexual assault and sexual harassment but also covers domestic violence, stalking and the idea of consent.

NEWS | 10/01/2013

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Tower numbers drop while overall fall Bicker figures remain steady

Tower Club, the most popular club for the fall Bicker season last year, saw its number of bickerees drop by almost half this year, from 66 students in 2012 to 34 this year. The drop returned fall bicker levels to normal, as last year's 66 bickerees was a 75 percent increase over the 38 who bickered in fall 2011. Despite the drop affecting Tower, a total of 125 students bickered clubs this fall, just a dozen short of the 137 students who bickered last September.

NEWS | 09/30/2013