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Student Life

Second dose of meningitis vaccine to be administered Feb. 17-20

The second dose of the meningitis vaccine will be available fromFeb. 17 through Feb. 20, the University announcedMondayin an email to the University community. More than 5,200 individuals, or approximately 91 percent of the individuals eligible for the vaccine — including 93 percent of all undergraduate students — chose to receive the first dose.

NEWS | 12/23/2013


USG approves amendments requiring class governments to publish budgets, tables amendments to separate Senate and class governments

At its weekly meeting on Sunday evening, the USG unanimously approved amendments requiring each of the four class governments to hold its own monthly public meetings and to publish and report its own budget each semester. The remaining amendments, which proposed to fully separate the Senate and the class governments, were tabled indefinitely. In a vote of 17 in favor and four against, the USG decided not to continue its own Summer Storage Initiative and not to collaborate with Princeton Student Agencies.

NEWS | 12/08/2013

University victims of meningitis have not "completely escaped residual effects"

Some University students infected with meningitis have suffered some of the disease’s residual effects, according to Peter Johnsen, Director of Medical Services at University Health Services. “I would not say all of our students have completely escaped residual effects,” Johnsen said at a panel on the upcoming meningitis B vaccine Thursday evening, where medical professionals from the U.S.

NEWS | 12/05/2013


About 12 percent of eating club members drop clubs before graduation

The launch of anew official websiteabout the eating clubs has provided a unique window into the clubs’ real membership numbers, one which suggests that a significant number of students drop the eating clubs before graduating.As of the beginning of the current semester, 1,710 students in the Classes of 2014 and 2015 are members of the eating clubs according to the InterClub Council website.

NEWS | 12/04/2013


Students say Arts and Transit Neighborhood construction causes some inconvenience

Construction of the Arts and Transit Neighborhood has caused small inconveniences for the day-to-day lives of students living in Forbes College, according to several residents of Forbes.The intersection of Alexander Street and University Place was closed to vehicular traffic in October, resulting in changes to pedestrian and bike paths from Forbes College to the main campus.

NEWS | 12/01/2013


Updated: CDC approves meningitis vaccination campaign; dates announced

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given final approval for ameningitis vaccination campaignto commence at Princeton, the University announced in an emaillast week. The vaccine will be made available to all undergraduate students, graduate students living in undergraduate dormitories, the Graduate College and annexes and other members of the University community with medical conditions predisposing them to meningococcal disease.

NEWS | 11/26/2013