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Uchechi Ihenacho


Parking of electric scooters indoors raises accessibility concerns

Signs reading “NO SCOOTERS OR BICYCLES INSIDE THE BUILDING” have been spotted plastered on the doors of campus buildings. These signs reflect one problem of the proliferation of electric scooters. While parking the scooters indoors may be convenient for their owners, other students are negatively impacted by the practice.

Yusef Salaam of Central Park 5 talks wrongful imprisonment and faith

On May 31st, 2019 Netflix released the series “When They See Us,” which captured the attention over 23 million viewers worldwide and became the United States most-watched series in the months following, portrays the harsh trial that posited him and the others as predators ravenous for the white female jogger.

ORL holds U.’s 4th annual Pumpkin Carving Event

On the Murray-Dodge lawn, pumpkins of varying sizes wearing painted and carved grins covered the campus ground beside their proud creators — immigrants, refugees, and University faculty and students.

Bait Bike program leads to two arrests

The University Public Safety Bait Bike Program works to encourage bike thieves to think twice through a bike sticker that states, “This Could Be a Bait Bike: Think Before You Steal,” which warns prospective criminals that the bike may be equipped with a tracking device.