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Albert Jiang


‘A second pandemic’: panelists discuss systemic racism, COVID-19

“[George] Floyd’s death is deeply connected to the racial disparities exposed by the pandemic. He died with coronavirus antibodies in his blood, surviving infection, only to die at the hands of the police,” Aly Kassam-Remtulla, Associate Provost for International Affairs and Operations, said. 

U. withdraws travel-related thesis funding, cancels all on-campus research

“University-sponsored domestic in-person internships in your home country can be undertaken only if they comply with local and national health and safety guidelines,” they wrote. “Funding administered through the Office of the Dean of the College will be allocated to projects that don’t require travel, which students can undertake in the vicinity of their primary residence.”

U. seeks research proposals related to COVID-19

Although all non-essential on-campus research was suspended as of March 21, a limited number of approved, campus-based proposals related to COVID-19 will be permitted to join the few essential projects permitted to continue to operate.