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Albert Jiang


Allen and Felten discuss the ethics of AI

In a talk on Wednesday night, Gen. John R. Allen and Professor Edward W. Felten talked about both the benefits and the ethical dilemmas that would accompany military-related advancements in artificial intelligence. “This is a capability that has the capacity for great good,” Allen said, but also can be “applied with great destructiveness.”

Day of Action held for Xiyue Wang

“One of the things we are trying to do is keep things alive and do more than just hold a vigil every single year to remind people of the situation,” said graduate student Mikey McGovern, president of student group Free Xiyue Wang. “We want to actually turn consciousness into action.”

Butler DSL Cook leaves U. for Barnard

“I always intend to be seen as a resource to students,” said Cook. “A person can’t be everything to everyone, but what’s most important is the ability to get students connected to the resources they need.”