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Adam Burrows

Q&A with Astrophysics Professor, Viktor Ambartsumian International Science Prize winner Adam Burrows

“You really need to be connected to students, or you don’t get the energy that they provide. You need to collaborate with students, not only because that gives you a means to get work done, but also sparks ideas,” Burrows said of the connection between research and teaching. 

NEWS | 08/11/2020


Q&A with Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman on George Floyd protests, policing reform, Trump

“I think [Trump] needs to be focusing on the fact that these are very peaceful protests of individuals who are hurting, and who are having painful expressions of disappointment in how this government has treated the humanity, or the lack of humanity, of African Americans, and particularly at the hands of law enforcement.”

NEWS | 06/04/2020

Jeongmin Cho lonelycovidtiger

Q&A with @lonelycovidtiger: Jeongmin ‘JM’ Cho ’21

Jeongmin “JM” Cho ’21, the student behind the Instagram account @lonelycovidtiger, opens up about documenting campus life amid COVID-19. “I hope we will be looking back and be able to appreciate the things that we may have otherwise taken for granted — simple things like being able to be with one another, hug your friends, and express appreciation.”

THE PROSPECT | 05/15/2020


Q&A with 2020 Abel Prize laureate Hillel Furstenberg GS ’58

“Receiving the Abel Prize implies that others also see and appreciate the beauty in some of the phenomena I've found, particularly connecting ergodic theory with combinatorics and probability theory with group theory,” Furstenberg wrote to The Daily Princetonian. “I hope that the exposure given to my work as a result of the award will bring more mathematicians to look at my work and push it further.”

NEWS | 03/31/2020