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Black Princetonians across the nation weigh in on racism, policing, and recent protests

Interviews by Grace Zhuang '23 and Zachary Shevin '22 / Video by Grace Zhuang '23 and Mark Dodici '22.

The 'Prince' talks to Sonny Yimer '23, a St. Paul resident, regarding the protests that broke out worldwide over the killing of George Floyd, just across the city from him. Then (8:05), we ask five other students to describe their experiences with the protests and the movement that looks to bring about structural change in America. Hear from Douglas Robins '23 of Baton Rouge, LA; Camille Reeves '23 of New Albany, OH; Uche Ndukwe '22 of Natick, MA; Andrew Hama '22 of Duluth, GA; and Jovan Aigbekaen '23 of Dracut, MA.