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Jackson ’15: “Moving forward”

For incumbent USG president Shawon Jackson ’15, reelection would mean “moving forward” and building on his current term. “Essentially, the message that I want to get across is that now that I’ve been on USG for about a year as president,” Jackson said, “I don’t just want to stay stagnant, but I want to learn from the mistakes that I made this past year and learn from the successes and then carry that forward into the next year.” Headded that he is running for president because he has enjoyed this past year and would like to continue working on projects in the future now that he has an understanding of what the USG can do. Originally unopposed, Jackson faces a challenge from Class of 2015 senator Zach Ogle, whowon his appealto run in the election Sunday evening. “Even though I’ve been president this past year, if I am reelected, it doesn’t mean that I would do my term the same exact way as I did the past year.

NEWS | 11/21/2013

20131119_zachogleusg_Aleka Gurel_3857

Ogle ’15: “Increased outreach”

Despite a late start to campaigning, Zach Ogle ’15 said he will rely on his perspectives as a student in USG and in other campus groups to win the campus vote, emphasizing the importance of increased outreach to student groups. “I’m running for USG president because I feel like USG can do a much better job of reaching out to non-USG students,” Ogle said.

NEWS | 11/20/2013

Proposed amendments to separate class governments from Senate shows tensions between two bodies

The USG Senate and class governments could become two independent bodies if the Senate passes several amendments in its upcoming meetings. The proposed amendments were discussed and written jointly by the class governments and members of the Senate, USG president Shawon Jackson ’15 said.

NEWS | 11/13/2013


Kugelmass ’14 proposes new USG Transparency Committee

U-Council Chair Elan Kugelmass ’14 proposed creating a three-member “USG Transparency Committee” at the weekly USG meeting on Sunday evening. Responding to criticisms he said he’d received from students about how many of the USG’s projects take place outside of the Senate meetings, he said the proposed three-member committee would be an “experiment” with the role of distributing USG information to students who request it. The role of the committee would not overlap with that of Richard Lu ’16, who currently serves as the USG communications director, Kugelmass said.

NEWS | 10/06/2013

USG approves $65,000 for fall Lawnparties

The USG has approved a $65,000 funding request from the Social Committee for the fall Lawnparties, according to USG president Shawon Jackson ’15. The request was officially approved on July 17 by vote conducted over e-mail, since the entirety of the student government was not able to meet in person, he explained. According to Jackson, the funding will cover the costs of the main act and supplies needed for the event. This figure is slightly higher than the $60,000 approved for last spring's Lawnparties but slightly lower than the $70,000 approved for the spring 2012 and fall 2012 Lawnparties, according to figures provided by Jackson. Lawnparties is scheduled to take place onSept.15.

NEWS | 07/31/2013