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USG hears mobility plans, proposal to turn Campus Club into a co-op

<p>The USG Senate hears a proposal on Campus Mobility.</p>
<h6>Photo Credit: Caitlin Limestahl / The Daily Princetonian</h6>

The USG Senate hears a proposal on Campus Mobility.

Photo Credit: Caitlin Limestahl / The Daily Princetonian

In the second Undergraduate Student Government (USG) meeting of the year, the Senate heard updates from various campus organizations, including the University’s Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) and the USG Movie Committee, as well as a proposal for Campus Club to be converted to a co-op dining option. 

Charlie Tennyson, Debby Foster, and Kim Jackson of TPS presented a brief overview of the Campus Mobility Plan. They offered a potential rework of the Tiger Transit bus route that they are calling “Tiger Transit 2.0,” expansions to campus sidewalks, and restrictions on scooter and bike parking.


They also discussed possible policies regarding regulation of scooter usage that will address speed limits, off-limits pathways, and appropriate parking locations. TPS plans to release regulations in the near future.

“In the policy, it will say that scooters are not allowed in academic and administrative buildings,” Foster confirmed before discussing potential parking resources similar to bike racks that would be appropriate for scooters.

They noted that graduate student engagement with their survey has been much greater than that of the undergraduate student body, likely because University transit is one of their main sources of everyday mobility.

Attendees also heard a proposal from Zoe Zeitler ’20 regarding the conversion Campus Club to a co-op that will hopefully bring a more “intersectional community” to Prospect Avenue. Zeitler proposed two models of membership, one taking into consideration rental fees for the building including 100 members and the other open to 70 members. The presentation noted that dues would hopefully be around $2,000 per semester.

U-Councilor Juan Nova ’23 raised concerns about this conversion.

“I would be wary that there might be a certain culture that develops with this club,” he said. “Campus Club not having this culture to it is what makes it so inclusive, especially to the undergraduates that are coming into such a concept as the Street.”


Zeitler said she is aiming for the proposed co-op to continue being the welcoming space for all students that Campus Club serves as now, saying “We would love to invite some student groups to host events there if they would like to.”

In an interview with The Daily Princetonian after the meeting, Zeitler stressed the flexibility of this proposal.

“I’m open to any possibilities that allows there to be more co-ops. I'm not so stuck to this idea of using Campus Club as a space,” she said referencing an idea that was raised at the USG meeting of renting a building off campus to create this space.

“Putting students in charge of the space could do much for it,” Zeitler said, referring to the potential implementation of an outdoor gym, Kombucha counter, a greenhouse, and a modern and academic library.

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She worked with two former 2D co-op members, Michelle Campeau ’19 and Prabha Upreti ’19, to draft the presentation. She was also inspired by various discussions with current co-op members about Charter not being accepted as a co-op and the announcement that Pink House is going to be dissolved.

The Movie Committee is looking to implement a few changes in the following semester, including the possibility of Garden Theatre ticket pickup being available in Frist Campus Center, the reservation of RCA advisee group tickets, and an increase in the number of first-run movies shown for free with students’ PUIDs.

Jess Ma ’21 of the Movie Committee noted that attendance for movies that are currently in theatres is much higher than re-run movies. The Garden Theatre sold out of free tickets to Parasite, 1914, Little Women, and Joker. She also reported that Movie Committee applications have risen significantly from last year’s “five to eight” to this year’s 22 applications.

USG also approved funding for a Service in Style fashion show and the Menstrual Products Task Force’s “Periodpalooza,” both receiving $2,500 each.