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Promises partially kept?

Four years after students occupied Nassau Hall to protest what they saw as a weak commitment to Asian-American and Latino studies, the University has fulfilled one of its chief promises to the protesters by hiring Grace Hong, a specialist in Asian-American studies.Hong taught in the English department at the University of California at San Diego, which she described as "quite different from Princeton.""I'm hoping to add some permanent courses, to think more in the long term," Hong said of her new position.

NEWS | 02/07/2000

University plans to expand online course program for alumni

As the Internet becomes an increasingly crucial medium for disseminating information, the University has begun to offer special online courses to alumni, according to associate provost Georgia Nugent '73.The University has sponsored three Web-based courses thus far, and yesterday announced a new mini-course pertaining to Nelson Mandela, associate director of the Alumni Council Doug Blair '71 said.The effort has been driven by a desire to add an educational dimension to the alumni's relationship with the University.

NEWS | 02/07/2000

Winter weather causes damage

A 12-inch, 15-pound stone fell from the northwest side of Edwards Hall on Friday, nearly striking a building services employee who was shoveling snow outside the dorm, according to Crime Prevention Specialist Barry Weiser."[The custodian] heard a rumbling and looked up and saw a stone falling off the roof," Weiser said.

NEWS | 02/07/2000


Two sexual orientations . . . one room

Before freshmen meet their roommates on that fateful day in September, they anxiously wonder whether their roommate will become a best friend or just be some other student who sleeps in the top bunk.One of the issues that can arise between roommates, especially freshman year, is the issue of homosexuality.Christl Denecke '00, an Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender peer educator, was placed with a lesbian roommate freshman year.

NEWS | 02/06/2000

University provides security for e-mail, Internet technology

With the importance of online resources and electronic communication on the rise in courses at Princeton, the need for heightened Internet security has prompted the University to seek additional means to authenticate a user's identity.The University was the first institution to be issued a digital certificate from the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking in mid-December.

NEWS | 02/06/2000

No, it didn't bother me

On my first trip home freshman year, discussion among my friends centered around our new life at school: courses, activities and for those of us who had moved away from home, dorm life.When I was quizzed on this subject, however, there was usually a hint of uneasiness in the interrogator's voice."So how do you like your roommate?""I like her a lot.

NEWS | 02/06/2000

Graduate school bar to require membership stickers, will prohibit unaccompanied non-members

In an effort to comply with its club liquor license, the graduate school's Debasement Bar ? the D-Bar ? will require membership stickers on identification cards by mid-February, prohibiting non-residents of the Graduate College from attending unless accompanied by a member.Under the club license, to be served at the D-Bar, a person must be with a club member, which is defined as a student who lives at the Graduate College.

NEWS | 02/06/2000

Friends praise Stevenson as exhibit debuts at Firestone Library

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Adlai Stevenson Jr. '22, an exhibit chronicling the famous alumnus' life premiered Saturday at Firestone Library.The opening of "A Voice of Conscience: Adlai Stevenson" was preceded by a panel discussion of Stevenson's life and political career.More than a third of a century after Stevenson's death, former associates, friends and family related anecdotes ranging from his bids for the U.S.

NEWS | 02/06/2000

Career Services increases staff to accommodate student body

Career Services, an area of the University that has been understaffed for some time, is about to expand considerably, according to director Beverly Hamilton-Chandler.The University Priorities Committee has allocated funding that will allow Career Services to hire two new counselors and one additional administrative staff member, she said."This is a tremendous benefit for us," Hamilton-Chandler said, adding that the hiring process for the new staff is slated to begin in March."We've made substantial changes since I've been here," she said.

NEWS | 02/03/2000

Hoop Dreams

Michael Chiswick-Patterson '02 was surrounded by small, clamoring bodies, as though he were the ice cream man and they were asking for fudge sundaes instead of a basketball scrimmage.It was right before the third practice of the season for La Borgataj, one of 14 teams in the junior boy's division of the Dillon Youth Basketball League.

NEWS | 02/03/2000

After a century, eating clubs continue to define social scene

In 1879, a group of students was dismissed from the University's dining facilities for "obstreperous behavior ? minor escapades such as throwing butter" while at meals, according to William Selden '34.The students hired a cook and moved to a house on Mercer Street, establishing the first of Princeton's eating clubs ? Ivy Club.This week, 90 percent of the sophomore class has become part of the tradition started by that small group of students, bickering and signing-in to an eating club system that is now more than a century old.However, according to Selden, the author of "Club Life at Princeton," the history of the eating club system has been punctuated by change. ExpansionAs early as 1895, more than a quarter of University students were members of eating clubs.

NEWS | 02/03/2000

Students stand to save tuition dollars

While Princeton students next year will enjoy the lowest percentage increase of tuition and fees in more than thirty years, their peers at Williams College will be shelling out the same amount they paid this year.The University Board of Trustees last weekend approved a $661-million budget for the next academic year that includes a 3.3 percent increase in the comprehensive fee from $31,599 to $32,636.Williams, on the other hand, announced last month it would hold student fees at $31,520 for next year because alumni gifts and "recent exceptional returns on the endowment have put the College in [an] especially strong financial position," according to a letter to students from Williams College president Carl Vogt.University Director of Communications Justin Harmon '78 said Princeton's tuition increase figure is somewhat misleading.

NEWS | 02/02/2000

Class of '77 offers jobs to sophomores

As application deadlines for summer internships approach and students rush to make appointments at Career Services, sophomores are getting a head start on the job search with the help of their "parent" alumni class, the Class of 1977.Class of 1977 president Linda Knights ? working in cooperation with sophomore class officers ? has compiled a list of summer internships being offered by her classmates exclusively to members of the Class of 2002.Descriptions of the available internships are posted on the Class of 2002 Webpage.

NEWS | 02/02/2000