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Sarah Warman Hirschfield


U. researchers in Kenya see land drama firsthand

The Mpala Research Centre is a world of its own. Great research comes out of the center — its reserves boast a wealth of environmental, scientific, and human resources which researchers draw upon. The subjects of the study — livestock and land, mainly — are contentious political issues in Kenya, as well.

On campus, drinking and Juuling go hand in hand

Around 9 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 12, a student in a Cottage Club sweatshirt handed a Wawa cashier his ID. “We only accept American IDs,” said the cashier. The student, irate, stormed out. He was trying to buy a Juul pod.

First stage of Maya Lin outdoor installation complete

The first half, referred to by the University Art Museum as a “folded earth piece,” was completed this past June, while the second half of Lin’s outdoor installation piece — a water table — is set to be completed in late spring before Reunions, according to art museum Campus Collections Manager Lisa Arcomano.