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Rebecca Han


U. names nine new trustees

The University has named nine new members to the Board of Trustees, effective July 1, according to a statement on June 18. According to the statement, the new trustees are Heather Gerken ’91, Anthony H.P. Lee ’79, Brad Smith ’81, Sumir Chadha ’93, Bob Peck ’88, Anthony Yoseloff ’96, Amy Alving GS ’88, Terri Sewell ’86, and Sarah Varghese ’19.

Student analysis of room draw sparks renewed conversation

An analysis of room draw by Adam Chang ’20 and Yang Song ’20 indicates that the randomization error effected rising juniors in addition to current juniors, larger draw groups received on average better draw times, and that draw ordering is the same across 2018 and 2019 for the same draw groups. 

Students react to room draw error

“It’s just shocking that this is actually something that’s happened, that somehow housing failed to randomize according to weight something, which seems like something that anyone in COS 126 could have coded up,” Natalie Collina ’19 said.

U. claims error in room draw process, provides compensation to affected students

Upperclass room draw processes were not completely randomized this year, according to an email sent to the dorm-undergrads listserv by Director of Housing Dorian Johnson. Johnson wrote that $1,000 would be deducted from the 2019–20 housing fees of rising seniors directly affected by the issue and in the lower half of their class’s draw.

Theft takes place in Tower Friday morning

In an email to members, Tower Club president Aliya Somani ’20 said that the club will be implementing new safety measures, including adding code locks on other commonly used doors and additional officer protocols to secure the club after dark. In another email, she said that staff will check that the kitchen exit and other exits are locked as they leave the club.