Wednesday, September 30

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Theft takes place in Tower Friday morning

On Friday, April 19, Tower Club president Aliya Somani ’20 emailed club members to inform them that a theft had taken place inside the club earlier that morning.

According to the Princeton Police Department (PPD), two unidentified young men in their twenties, one white and one black, entered Tower through an unsecured back door and stole a wallet from a member’s bag. Before entering, they had tried to enter the club through multiple exits before finding a backdoor that had been propped open.

The PPD explained in a Facebook message to The Daily Princetonian that several witnesses claimed they had observed the two men in the club prior to the theft. In addition, the PPD wrote that the police were called after a victim reported that her wallet had been taken.

“The matter remains under investigation,” the PPD continued in their message.

Somani said to the ‘Prince’ that the club has been cooperating with police in their investigation.

In an email to members, she said that the club will be implementing new safety measures, including adding code locks on other commonly used doors and additional officer protocols to secure the club after dark. In another email, she said that staff will check that the kitchen exit and other exits are locked as they leave the club.

“I also don’t want to identify the member whose cash was stolen, but we’ve talked to her. She’s very much in the loop, and she understands that we’re dealing with this as best we can,” she said in an interview with the ‘Prince.’

The University deferred comment to the PPD.