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Future of African studies program driven by student engagement

Seven of the eight Ivy League institutions boast robust African Studies departments, in which undergraduate students can major. Within the Orange Bubble, such a department does not yet exist, but students and faculty are seeking to rectify this disparity.

Sophomores required to be on unlimited meal plan starting fall 2019

The University announced a shift in policy such that sophomores, like first-years are currently, will be required to be on the unlimited meal plan starting the 2019–2020 academic year. The shift is an attempt to include more sophomores in the “residential college experience” the unlimited plan fosters. 

Claire Gmachl to become new Head of Whitman College

“[Claire Gmachl’s] commitment to teaching — illustrated, among many other examples, by her engagement with the Freshman Scholars Institute, as well as her participation in reinventing the first-year engineering curriculum — points to her profound dedication to students’ intellectual, as well as co-curricular, experiences,” Dean of the College Jill Dolan wrote in an email announcing Gmachl as the incoming Head of Whitman College. “Claire is known for her kindness, her clarity and her concern for others, all of which will grace the lives of students at Whitman and across our campus.”