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Rose Gilbert


From the Archives: Veterans of Future Wars

What started as a joke exploded into a nation-wide movement. Newspapers across the country ran articles on the Veterans for Future Wars. Members of Congress discussed their arguments; veterans’ organizations condemned them. 

U. community members protest at "Double Sights" dedication

As president of the University, Wilson falsely asserted that no black student had ever attended the institution and actively prevented black applicants from being accepted, writing: “It is altogether inadvisable for a colored man to enter Princeton.”  Over two hundred students, alumni, and faculty members gathered to protest at the dedication of the University’s new installation, “Double Sights,” which is meant to represent Woodrow Wilson’s complex legacy.

Hundreds take part in Climate Strike protest

From Princeton to New Delhi, Berlin to Antarctica, protesters marched to raise awareness of the climate crisis before the United Nations Climate Action Summit, which begins today. 

Jared Polis ’96 reflects on goals, openly gay identity

Polis has moved on from the Undergraduate Student Government at Princeton, where he served as communications director, and is now preparing to take office by attending a “boot camp for new governors” in Colorado Springs. Having defeated two-term state treasurer Walker Stapleton, Polis will replace the term-limited John Hickenlooper.