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A ton of disposable income and no style

Canada Goose’s symbolism, not only of wealth and status but of wealth and status as requirements for acceptance to the larger Princeton social scene, feeds into both its popularity and its disrepute. The intensity to which wealth is ridiculed in these memes, memes often made and shared by Canada Goose owners themselves, also points to a layer of self awareness, or perhaps just hypocrisy.


On aesthetics and açaí bowls

Appreciating beauty, from a bowl of blended fruit to the Big Dipper on a walk back to my dorm at night, has allowed me to escape from the constant pressures of a success-oriented culture. It has taught me that there is more to life than charging towards achievement after achievement, that I should take time to smell the flowers, or order the açaí bowl. 

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Students behind WellPower startup talk social entrepreneurship, obstacles

Last October, a group of four students entered the University’s first ever iteration of the Hult Prize competition, an international startup challenge with a focus on solving pressing social issues, an hour before the deadline, because the competition simply needed another team. They ended up doing so well that this year they will fly to Kenya to implement their plan.

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