Getting Through #2016

With the fall semester almost over here at Princeton, the year 2016 is slowly fading away. What an year it was--I mean, 2016 even has its own hashtag. We screamed when Beyonce released Lemonade and hailed Queen Cersei once again when she finally blew up King’s Landing (the Sept to be exact, of course. Shout out to my fellow Game of Thrones fans). So many of us cried when the legendary and inspirational David Bowie passed away, and I know that you will Always remember Alan Rickman. But I don’t mean to talk about cultural gossip today.


Project Escape: Philadelphia

First of all, I want to congratulate everyone, including myself, for making it to the last week of the semester. I can’t recall ever wanting to say goodbye to a year more than the year 2016. It certainly will be a four-digit number that will feature prominently in every history book published henceforth.

I do not know your plans for this winter break, but before you hastily evacuate the east coast (for those of you that live here... my condolences), how about stopping by an incredible city this weekend?


Blindness and Darkness

“I’m in the dark here!” In the movie Scent of a Woman, Colonel Slade (Al Pacino) barks out these few words to reveal how it is to be blind. For those who have seen this film, this is perhaps one of the most emotional scenes. For the blind, however, ... Read More

Project Escape: Boston

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20 Ways to Effectively Procrastinate

1. Try out every single Snapchat filter. 2. Make a comprehensive list of all your upcoming assignments for all your classes... and proceed to start none of them. 3. Take a trip to the U-Store and purchase caffeine pills so you can stay up late and not ... Read More

​Speaking like an American?

Learning a second language is a process many people go through at least once in their lifetime. While it is a leisure activity for some people, it is a necessity for others in order to survive in the job market or prove themselves valuable in this globalized ... Read More

Project Escape: Princeton

Escape. It’s a paradoxical word. On one hand, there is a hint of anxiety. On the other, there is a sense of satisfaction. It assumes that at one point you were constrained but now, free. I think this is a fair expression of how I felt when I landed ... Read More

Album Review — Kishi Bashi: "Sonderlust"

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Beware of Mr. Indiana Jones

Last year, when I told my friends that I was going to study archaeology and work at an archaeological digging site over the summer, nine out of ten of my friends mentioned the famed Mr. Jones in one way or another: I got enthusiastic comments like “you’re ... Read More