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UK electronic duo Disclosure gave us a pleasant surprise yesterday when they dropped Moog for Love, a 3-track EP. Though the title of the EP might suggest a certain synthesizer-saturated sound that has come to be popular in many genres of electronic music these days, Moog for Love actually sees Disclosure double down on their UK garage roots and strip down a bit from their 2015 album Caracal.

Both “BOSS” and “Moog for Love” feature a strong 4/4 beat throughout, with a heavy reliance on short and sweet vocal samples varying in amount of low pass filter treatment they receive. “BOSS” definitely has a bit of a deeper feel, as it has hints of the classic deep house bassline sound. There’s little variety on the track, which sounds like it could have been crafted from recording a live DJ working the filter knob on a barebones production effort. With that being said, there’s nothing unwelcome about the simplicity here. “Moog for Love,” meanwhile, has a more classic UK feel to it (some might say a more classic Disclosure sound). The endless repetition of a lovely vocal line, “you give me a smile, and I’m wrapped up in your magic,” creates a persistent happiness that quickly becomes contagious. Around the middle of the track, there’s a great slowdown that happens with Disclosure throwing in some quality FX, making the song give off the essence of a happy balloon floating away. Fellow UK producer Eats Anything is also featured on this track.

Perhaps the biggest highlight from the album credits, however, is legendary soul singer Al Green, who features on “Feel Like I Do.” “Feel Like I Do” dials the tempo back for Green to croon over, taking you decades back in time. The addition of electronic strings and brass only helps to accentuate the old-school feel. There’s a nice happy-go-lucky vibe to the track, feeling like something out of an Ocean’s movie’s closing credits. Such an effect definitely speaks to Disclosure’s versatility, as they regularly demonstrate this ability to adapt their distinctive sound to a myriad of styles.

Disclosure, who has not yet announced any upcoming album releases, might be giving fans a preview of their current musical ideas with this EP. Of course, maybe this EP is just meant to give fans who like their older material something to enjoy as they continue exploring new directions. In any case, all three songs on this EP are ripe for bumping in the car this summer. It’s hard to have anything but love for Moog for Love.


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