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1. Try out every single Snapchat filter.

2. Make a comprehensive list of all your upcoming assignments for all your classes… and proceed to start none of them.

3. Take a trip to the U-Store and purchase caffeine pills so you can stay up late and not do any of the work you should do.

4. Go to the gym and lay on the abs mat (immobile) for a ridiculously long amount of time.

5. Watch the Ivy League snapchat story and bemoan the fact that nothing interesting is ever on it.

6. Make detailed plans with someone you know you’re never going to follow up on.

7. Scroll through Facebook and aggressively tag your friends in every single meme you see.

8. Pull the Prospect 11 on a school night… alone.

9. Stalk some kid from one of your classes on Facebook - and end up on their cousin’s girlfriend’s page an hour later.

10. Post three finstas with paragraph-long captions about how much work you have.

11. Decorate your room with Christmas decorations in the most extra way possible.

12. Take a trip to your local d-hall (even if you’re not hungry at all) or better yet, late meal (because free food).

13. Start doing your laundry so you can’t go to the library because you have to wait for the laundry to be done.

14. Start a new show on Netflix and immediately binge-watch an entire season.

15. Send yourself something through 2-hour Amazon Prime so you have to go to Frist and pick it up.

16. Open House Party and hope that one of your friends sees that you’re on and opens it, too.

17. Walk to Campus Club and see if there’s any free food.

18. Go to TI and see if you can find the jacket you lost there four weeks ago.

19. Plan your next Princetoween costume a year in advance.

20. Go to McCosh to try to get Advil and end up waiting for 6 hours.

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