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It’s 8:30 AM. You wake up, and you feel ready to go out and embrace the day. You roll out of bed, throw off your pajamas, and rummage through your drawers for something semi-decent to rock to class. You figure: it’s late October, right? Your new sweater and some jeans are the perfect outfit to get you through the day.


You walk outside and quickly realize the grave error you’ve committed. Was today the day to break out your new fall sweater? Nope! That sweater’s going to become more of a pit-stain statement than a fashion statement by the time you make it to your 9 AM. It’s late October, yes – but it’s also 80 degrees out and humid. Yum.

You make it through the day, pitying the fact that your outfit choice was anything but optimal. You avow that tomorrow, you’ll wear some shorts and a t-shirt and, with ~effortless perfection~ , flawlessly embrace the day.


Tomorrow comes, and you walk outside in your shorts and t-shirt only to find that – surprise! TODAY was the day for the sweater and jeans! It’s 45 degrees out and the wind is definitely not working with the shorts you’re wearing.

Don’t worry, everyone is as confused as you are. Actually, the weather is as confused as you are, because it’s late October, and it still can’t figure out just what the heck it’s doing. Remember when people tried to tell you global warming wasn’t a thing? Yeah, this is convincing the entire population of Princeton that it’s real and thriving.

So weather, if you’re listening, can you choose just exactly what you’re going to be running with and stick with it? Do it for our sweaty armpits and our goose-bump covered legs. Because this weather confusion? It’s not working.

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