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With the launch of The Daily Princetonian’s website redesign, I am happy to announce the return of our Blog section! Readers who have been following our paper for a while might remember our past two blogs: The Prox and Intersections. After a long period of lull on both of these blogs, we decided to combine them under one banner moving forward: Intersections.

So why the name “Intersections” over “The Prox”? Some of you may remember The Prox as our student life blog, where people wrote about everything from squirrels to cool classes that were being offered. Intersections, meanwhile, was more focused on art, culture, and entertainment. Crucially, Intersections was the only section of the Daily Princetonian that wasn’t limited to things happening on campus or related to Princeton alumni. Thus, the name “Intersections” captures the fact that our staff and student body comprise of people who come from different backgrounds, and we all come together and interact in Princeton’s unique ecosystem. Sure, we might come to learn how things “work” around here, but we all bring our own unique perspectives on things to this campus based on who we are and where we come from. For some, this might entail having never experienced the brutal cold of winter before coming here. For others, this might mean struggling to understand people who hold a different ideology from them.

Nevertheless, being a part of the Princeton community requires a certain level of engagement with others. Over time, we are inevitably exposed to new ideas, new places, and new experiences. Thus, I hope that Intersections can serve as a source of some of these new our staff comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, and you can expect to hear their unfiltered thoughts and feelings on virtually any topic. For our old blog fans, Intersections should have everything it used to have, plus more! Over the course of this week, you will meet all of our writers, as they share with you something interesting on their mind. Please enjoy!

If you are interested in joining Intersections, please email We are always happy to accept new writers!

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