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Student Life

Quad guarantees no out-of-pocket costs for students on full financial aid

Quadrangle Club president Daniel Pallares Bello ’20 recently announced that the club, often called “Quad” by students, will now guarantee that students on full financial aid will not need to pay any out-of-pocket costs for membership. Pallares Bello hopes that low-income students will no longer face financial obstacles to club membership.

NEWS | 02/04/2019

Bicker week gets a makeover

 Bicker week may be a thing of the past. The Interclub Council (ICC) is calling this winter’s new process Street week, hoping to “shift the language away from ‘bicker’ and towards a Street-wide admissions process,” according to ICC chair and Cloister Inn president Hannah Paynter ’19. 

NEWS | 12/12/2018

A walk down the Street: Looking back at eating club officers’ long history of resignations

Eating club officers have resigned for many reasons, included everything from criminal charges to security breaches to philosophical differences with the rest of the corps. Over the years, these resignations and security breaches have resulted in modifications to the structure of the ICC and eating club officer corps.

NEWS | 01/02/2018

Christian group protests on the Street

One of the remarkable things about life surrounding Prospect Ave. is its consistency: every weekend, hordes of intoxicated University students can be seen stumbling out of eating clubs on their way to Frist Campus Center for a late meal. However, this past weekend, the Street received unexpected visitors in the form of Christian protesters wielding megaphones and signs condemning evolution and sin.

NEWS | 10/08/2017

Princeton Christian Fellowship ditches the label 'evangelical'

 Some people don’t know what 'evangelical' means, or others may hold the aforementioned beliefs, but not identify as evangelical. Others associate it negatively with certain political positions. The definition of evangelicalism has morphed and taken on “too much cultural baggage,” Boyce said, including the assumption of a political agenda. 

NEWS | 10/01/2017