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USG to appoint a SHARE liaison, approves funding for student groups

Zoom screen with rectangles displaying members of USG's faces or names. Some have their hands raised.
Virtual USG meeting held on Zoom.
Nandini Krishnan / The Daily Princetonian

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) met in its weekly meeting on Sunday, Nov. 12 to discuss an amendment to the Undergraduate Student Life Committee (USLC) charter to appoint a Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources and Education (SHARE) liaison, and vote on various funding allocations. The meeting was held virtually because USG President Stephen Daniels ’24 was not on campus and could not lead the meeting in person. 

Vice President Madison Linton ’24 shared her proposed amendment to the USLC charter for a permanent SHARE liaison. The USLC charter currently requires liaisons for the following core areas: Athletics and Campus Recreation; Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students’ (ODUS) Issues, Dining, Eating Clubs, International Students’ Issues, Graduate School Issues, LGBT Students’ Issues, Minority Students’ Issues, Public Safety, Residence, Student Health, Transportation, and Women’s Issues.


“We just want to make sure that [SHARE] is an issue that’s consistently worked on in terms of sexual conduct and culture on campus,” Linton said. 

Linton explained that the goal was to commit to a formalized direct liaison. She clarified that the position has existed only in some administrations.

“It depended on the administration if there used to be a connection between SHARE and USG,” she said during the meeting. “Depending on the administration — sometimes if that wasn’t the administration's prerogative — it would just fall off for years, and then nothing would be done.” 

Linton clarified that USLC Chair Caitlin McNally ’24 makes “sure that connections are built and maintained within” the current core areas. Social Chair and former USLC Chair Avi Attar ’25 shared that “[liaisons] are an extremely helpful tool for organizing the work of a committee that has an extremely broad mission.” The amendment was approved in a unanimous vote. The next step will be acquiring approval from the Graduate Student Government (GSG). 

U-Councilor Isabella Shutt ’24 also presented a proposal for a $3,000 allocation for a “gathering in celebration of Black, queer artists.” The party would include catered food and drinks and would be held on Nov. 17 prior to the staging of the musical “The Sound of (Black) Music” at McCarter Theatre. The event would be in collaboration with the ODUS, the Princeton African Students Association (PASA), and DoroBucci African Dance Company. The allocation was approved in a unanimous vote. 

The group also unanimously approved a $1,700 request for funding from the Menstrual Product Task Force for a menstrual yoga event that would give out free, reusable menstrual products. The group also unanimously approved $1,500 in funding to the Black Student Union (BSU) for a Thanksgiving dinner. The Undergraduate Energy Association had requested $4,000 from the USG Projects Board for a conference in February, but the vote was tabled to the following meeting next week due to extenuating circumstances. 


The discussion ended with various proposals for events during the reading period (Dec. 8 to Dec. 15), including a potential petting zoo trip and the option of providing greater funding to events organized by Princeton Student Events Committee (PSEC). 

USG meetings are held on Sundays from 5 to 6 p.m. and are open for all students to attend. 

Nandini Krishnan is a staff News writer for the ‘Prince.’

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