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Teshome ’25 to prioritize community relations as 148th editor-in-chief

Woman in sweater smilingly braces herself as blurry balls of paper are tossed at her. Door is slightly ajar, name tags hang on hook.
Teshome is pelted by newspapers by newsroom staff, as is tradition.
Angel Kuo / The Daily Princetonian

On Saturday, Dec. 2, The Daily Princetonian staff elected Eden Teshome ’25 as the incoming Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the 148th managing board following two hours of platform deliberation in Betts Auditorium. For the first time since 2018, only one candidate ran for Editor-in-Chief.

Teshome, a history major from Ellicott City, Maryland, currently serves as Head Podcast Editor, in addition to being a senior News writer and a member of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Committee. Her responsibilities as the senior-most producer and leader of the podcast team includes editing content as well as developing the creative side of this multimedia section.


In an interview with the ‘Prince,’ Teshome elaborated on her vision for the coming year, which prioritizes a plan for increasing engagement between the surrounding community and staff writers.

“My main vision for the ‘Prince’ is that we become more of a community-informed paper, and I want us to scaffold out our reporting through a beat system,” she said. “I hope that reporters connect with members of the community and really build deep ties that are not necessarily based in just reporting, but also based in a relationship that extends past the transactional needs of a reporter’s role.”

Referencing a beat system, Teshome discussed connecting writers to a particular community or focused area in which they can develop deeper relationships. The system is meant to enhance reporting as well as contribute to more specialized knowledge across the ‘Prince’ staff.

In addition to external reach and engagement, Teshome said she hopes to foster a more accommodating environment for the ‘Prince’ writers.

“Internally, I really want us to find a space for our staff writers,” Teshome added. “I want [them] to feel empowered to have a role at the ‘Prince’ and to feel that their expertise is really valued in our organization.”  

Teshome’s platform also addresses the ‘Prince’s reporting on underrepresented groups.


 “I think the ‘Prince’ has always needed a push to really tell stories that we typically haven’t told in the past, and what I specifically mean there is underrepresented communities,” she explained in an interview. “I wanted to really center that in what I want us to do next year. That’s why I decided to run, and I hope that we will be able to execute that vision.”

Current editor-in-chief Rohit Narayanan ’24 said in an interview that he is confident in Teshome’s ability to lead the ‘Prince’ for the next year.

“I really think that Eden is going to do a fantastic job [with] making sure we’re building trust in the surrounding communities and also taking advantage of the incredible skill sets of all of the other people who are going to serve on her board,” he said.

“Eden is one of the most thoughtful and empathetic people that I know, and I’m always astounded by how able she is to really understand our readership,” Narayanan added. “She’s done absolutely fantastic work with the Podcast section in the last year.”

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Narayanan said he believes the unopposed nature of the election is a testament to the staff’s strong support of Teshome’s leadership and vision.

“I think the fact that Eden was the sole candidate demonstrated the broad consensus that we have at the paper around her ideas and the really bold, innovative plans that she has for the next year,” he said.

Reflecting on his own tenure as editor-in-chief, Narayanan believes that substantial progress has been made with increasing engagement and accessibility.

“We’ve really emphasized over the past year that every story should not just be written for the sake of writing it, but should be providing unique value to the community and written in a way that allows people to engage with the ‘Prince’ without having to have followed every past story we’ve done or be deeply invested in some niche topic,” he said.

Teshome will officially assume her role as editor-in-chief on Jan. 1.

Thomas Catalano is a contributing News writer for the 'Prince.'

Ava Fonss is a contributing News writer for the 'Prince.'

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