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The rafters above Princeton’s Jadwin Gym.
Photo Credit: Jonathan Schilling / Wikimedia Commons

Examining compensation to college athletes

Ultimately, the arguments that defend the status quo in college sports reflect only a single viewpoint. Often, they fail to consider what profiting from one’s own likeness or from ticket sales could do for athletes who may not be able to reach professional level but still face the pressure of supporting their family, maintaining a very limited education, and finding time for physical and mental health.

SPORTS | 11/13/2019

Tom Brady celebrating his Super Bowl LIII victory on February 3, 2019

Five Lingering Questions about Super Bowl LIII

Columnist Matthew Fuller digs into Super Bowl LIII between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots with questions about whether the Rams deserved their appearance, Julian Edelman’s MVP achievement, Sean McVay’s brilliance, the importance of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to the Patriot’s dynasty, and whether or not Super Bowl LIII was the worst Super Bowl in history. 

SPORTS | 02/06/2019

In defense of the bonfire

Look around at schools across the country of all sizes and missions, and you will see that almost without exception, football is a public social experience that brings the entire community together around a common cause, an important feature of a school’s character in a way that no other sport is. That’s why we began celebrating this victory against our rivals so ostentatiously, and that’s why we still do. We should continue to celebrate it in exactly that unique way.

OPINION | 12/04/2018