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Matthew Fuller



European soccer has a conspicuous racism problem

The illusion of social progress that has often accompanied Europe has steadily been challenged by a number of racist incidents in the arena of European soccer. Though this is not a new phenomenon (and is certainly not confined to Europe), a recent slew of fan abuse toward players of color will hopefully cause soccer institutions to finally get serious.

Examining compensation to college athletes

Ultimately, the arguments that defend the status quo in college sports reflect only a single viewpoint. Often, they fail to consider what profiting from one’s own likeness or from ticket sales could do for athletes who may not be able to reach professional level but still face the pressure of supporting their family, maintaining a very limited education, and finding time for physical and mental health.

Calvin Johnson and the use of marijuana in sports

Last week, former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (nicknamed Megatron) caused a stir in sports media by admitting he would smoke marijuana after almost every game he played starting in 2007 until the end of his career in 2015. Columnist Matthew Fuller investigates the issue.

On shutting down Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson’s injury poses issues for Duke, for Nike, and for his professional career. It also begs a larger question – should collegiate athletes see a share of the revenue they bring their Alma Maters?

Five Lingering Questions about Super Bowl LIII

Columnist Matthew Fuller digs into Super Bowl LIII between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots with questions about whether the Rams deserved their appearance, Julian Edelman’s MVP achievement, Sean McVay’s brilliance, the importance of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to the Patriot’s dynasty, and whether or not Super Bowl LIII was the worst Super Bowl in history. 

It’s time to keep paying attention to Kemba Walker

This year, as he leads the league in three-point field goals made and stays in the top five for scoring, don’t let your attention stray from Kemba again. His legacy is not defined by flashes of brilliance, but rather a quiet and steady ascension to becoming the superstar he already is.

Women’s volleyball finishes Cherry & White Classic 2–1

Princeton’s women’s volleyball (7–4 overall) had a lot of positive takeaways from its three-game weekend at the Cherry & White Classic at McGonigle Hall in Philadelphia. Princeton defeated New Hampshire (4–10) on Friday and Maryland (9–3) on Saturday before falling to Temple (3–9).