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Austerity is not an option

The administration is asking graduate students and University workers to bear the brunt of these costs, while shareholders and the endowment are insulated from the restructuring. The University is asking us to make “sacrifices” while it proceeds to sacrifice us.

COVID-19 and student athletes: An open letter to President Eisgruber

We hesitated to write you because we feel you've done an outstanding job leading the University, and with the gravity of the pandemic backdrop, because you obviously are facing many unforeseen and serious challenges every day. However, we feel compelled to reach out to you on this issue because we feel strongly that Princeton has made the wrong decision on not permitting its students to withdraw and come back next spring. 

COVID-19: An Asian American Perspective

We, the Princeton University AASA E-Board, strongly believe that unity and community is the need of this hour of crisis. As such, we cannot sit idly and watch as racist attacks continue to threaten and divide our country. 

A letter regarding Class Day speaker selection

Unfortunately, the open letter shifted the conversation away from the celebration of the perspective that Mr. Lynch will bring to Class Day, and toward a troubling implication as to the concept of “worthiness” in addressing our class.