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Letters to the Editor

On 'insults' to students' intellectThe current controversy over grade inflation at Princeton has prompted a number of newspaper articles and letters to the editor, from the front-page story in The New York Times to the recent statements of Mr. Corwin in Friday's 'Prince.' Everything that I have come across in respect to this situation has disturbed me greatly.The first insult was learning from The Times that every good grade that I have earned at Princeton is meaningless.

OPINION | 02/24/1998

Considering the consequences of alleged grade inflation

In the wake of The New York Times article on grade inflation at Princeton University, I began to ponder the effects such a situation could have on the future of Princeton students.In good faith, I cannot deny all of the claims the article made, partly because I've only completed one semester here and partly because I've heard stories of grade inflation in certain courses.

OPINION | 02/23/1998

Letters to the Editor

On defense of 'Smart Fan' logicSince the printing of yesterday's 'Prince' article "Student group criticizes fan behavior at basketball games," I have received an exorbitant amount of criticism for my participation in the 'Smart Fans' fight against excessive heckling at basketball games.Let me begin by saying that when Jon Garfunkel first approached me about my feelings on the matter and before the article was even printed, I would not have considered myself a devout 'Smart Fan.' However, after justifying myself and my position on the topic to my friends and acquaintances this afternoon, I have found even more of a reason to be a part of Jon's impromptu organization of like-minded students.Jon Garfunkel, in all of his efforts, is not attempting to hamper fan participation and spirit at games.

OPINION | 02/23/1998


Letters to the Editor

Opening doorsThe remarks made by Boston University Director of Financial Aid Barbara Tornow accusing Princeton of trying to "buy" students with its new expanded financial aid policy are ridiculous.Ms. Tornow accuses Princeton of stealing lower and middle class students from Boston University and other similar institutions by making it possible for them to attend Princeton.

OPINION | 02/22/1998

Grade Adventure

In response to a University report on grade inflation over the last 24 years, a front-page article in The New York Times Wednesday entitled "Just Because the Grades Are Up, Are Princeton Students Smarter?" portrayed Princeton as a glorified summer camp where a 4.0 GPA is the norm.The article did not offer an accurate picture of academic life at the University.

OPINION | 02/19/1998

Letters to the Editor

'Misstatement'I have appreciated your thoughtful coverage of the grading issue, but I do want to set the record straight on an important misstatement of fact in your story on Feb.

OPINION | 02/18/1998

Letters to the Editor

Media qualmsWhile 7000 fans watched the Tigers take on the Pennsylvania Quakers at Jadwin Gym, I had to depend on Dan O'Brien and the guy from the Tiger Sports-line for the score and highlights from the game.

OPINION | 02/17/1998

Genocide in disguise

Few would agree with the assertion that oppression is wrong and should be stopped. And most, but sadly not all, would agree that it would be oppressive of the United States to first starve and then bomb the people of Iraq in order to twist the arm of one man, Saddam Hussein, into compliance.

OPINION | 02/15/1998