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The Daily Princetonian

Headliners and Headshakers

1) TRENDING NOW: Meningitis 2) NO LONGER TRENDING: Gastro 3) Add/Drop Period Closes, Lecture Becomes Very Lonely Place 4) Dinky Awning Collapses— University replies: “You’re next, WaWa.” 5) Return of Pumpkin Spice Latte; lactose-intolerants move underground 6) President Eisgruber competes with iOS 7 update for “Installation of the Week”

HUMOR | 09/25/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Shop 'til you Drop

It’s no secret that it’s impossible to get motivated at the start of a semester. What with seeing all your friends again for the first time in months, avoiding sobriety during Frosh Week and pretending day-drinking is acceptable at Lawnparties, it’s almost as if the University planned to make you forget the reason you actually came to Princeton: to attend classes.

HUMOR | 09/18/2013