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Headliners and Headshakers

1. Bonfire will not burn John Harvard in effigy, because cults and paganism and blah blah political correctness blah

2. Male allegedly exposes himself in three places on campus Tuesday; evidence of growing boldness in towpath nudist colony


3. Footnotes to compete on NBC's "The Sing-Off"; will teleport to 1999 to meet Nick Lachey, Jewel & Boyz II Men when they were relevant

4. USG Senate votes to allow Ogle '15 to run for president against Jackson '15, because paperwork is sooo vice-presidential

5. Chris Christie cavorts with Triangle cheerleaders at Saturday's football game; Michele Bachmann prays away the drag

6. Meningitis Outbreak: Princeton hasn't received this much media attention since Susan Patton '77 broke feminism