Tuesday, November 30

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Robertson Hall, home of the School of Public and International Affairs.
Mark Dodici / The Daily Princetonian

We the revisionists

Antiracism is not about replacing or rewriting history. It is about the intellectual sincerity of learning different aspects of history. Princeton is not being asked to erase its curriculum, it is being beseeched to complete it. 

OPINION | 07/15/2020

Jonathan Haynes (back right) and Amanda Morrison (front right) talk with first-year Allen Dai (back left) and junior Eun Ahn (front left) about the Vote100 Initiative.

Courtesy of Office of Communications

Princeton has a voting problem

Our “apolitical” campus seems to be bordering on apathetic. Although voting has never been more important, Princetonians are still lagging behind the rest of the country and even other universities in voter turnout. The 2020 elections are coming fast, and we should not — we cannot — stand behind the walls of the “bubble” while others decide our future for us. 

OPINION | 07/15/2020

Claire Thornton / The Daily Princetonian

Enough smear-mongering: it’s time for real change

We must all work hard to respectfully converse with and listen to each other. This can be tedious, tiring, and painfully frustrating. Further, we should attempt to bracket theoretical differences to create practical, humanitarian change and not ideologically backed revolution. If we fail, then what comes next will be a society that may be better but will be fundamentally unjust. A society founded on injustices will be doomed to repeat them.

OPINION | 07/15/2020

Photo credit: Denise Applewhite / Office of Communications

Statement of solidarity with Ressa and of protest against Philippine current events

As members of the Princeton Filipino Community, we would like to take this moment to provide further context about Filipino current events, reflect on our country’s experiences with dictatorship and struggle for representation, and express our continued hope for the future of the Philippines and for democracy.

OPINION | 07/09/2020

Mark Dodici / The Daily Princetonian

Heard, unheeded

What Rajasekar and POCC misunderstand is that their voices are not unheard; they are rather — for perhaps the first time in a long time — unheeded. That is a sign of positive change for Princeton.

OPINION | 07/09/2020