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The Daily Princetonian

Where are the artists?

My mother was an artist. She went into college as an artist and came out of it as one. At no point did she second-guess this career because of dips in the economy, cautionary tales of the struggling artist or the expansion of departments in “usable” majors.

OPINION | 04/01/2014

The Daily Princetonian

The three-day intern

Over spring break, I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in a Princeternship at the University of Southern California, but when the alumna who invited me introduced me to her coworkers, smiles quickly turned to looks of bemusement —“this is Jason, the three-day intern.” Though their reactions were understandable —after all, what sort of comprehensive experience can an “intern” really garner in the span of a few days?

OPINION | 03/27/2014

The Daily Princetonian

SAT facelift

The College Board recently announced that the SAT is getting yet another facelift, the most drastic set of changes since the March 2005 exam debuted with an entirely new writing section.The rise of the ACT has done good things for the college admission process.

OPINION | 03/25/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Redefining the role of underdogs in March Madness

To anyone unfamiliar with the cultural phenomenon that is March Madness, welcome. You get to see Americans in a sports craze unmatched at any other time in the year (save, perhaps, the Super Bowl). Prizes may be won, friendships may be lost and, most importantly, brackets shall be busted throughout the month of March. Each and every person who makes a bracket has a deep individual stake in the outcome of the tournament.

SPORTS | 03/25/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Grade deflation devalues education

On both sides of the grade deflation debate, the most talked-about argument is its effects on postgraduation employment or admission to graduate schools.On one side, the administration allows students applying to jobs or graduate schools to attach a letter from the University explaining its tough grading stance compared to other universities.However,many students remain worried about the effects grade deflation may have on postgraduation plans.

OPINION | 03/24/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Outside the Bubble: An automated world

“A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.” In science fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s "I, Robot" (later turned into a less-than-compelling movie of the same name starring Will Smith) there are four laws that robots must follow, one of which is stated above. While such a world, where upgraded human-like robots exist, is currently only plausible in the realm of our imaginations and science fiction, the threat that automation poses to society — with specific regard to employment — may already appear today. Last week, Bill Gates gave a speech at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.

OPINION | 03/23/2014