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Shruthi Deivasigamani

The Daily Princetonian

The American siege on science

On Fridayafternoon, an Alumni-Faculty Forum titled “Science Under Attack!” convened with a panel of five graduates to discuss the national mood regarding science and science literacy in the country today. Seth Shostak ’65, senior astronomer and director of the Center for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research, notes that there is a culture of deprioritizing science and scientists as important leaders.

The Daily Princetonian

Called out by name

On Sept. 10, The Daily Princetonian published a news article, "Student charged with drug possession at Princeton Stadium," about an undergraduate student who was arrested by the University's Department of Public Safety for allegedly being in possession of marijuana and psilocybin, a compound found in psychedelic mushrooms, at the Princeton Stadium.

The Daily Princetonian

Blaming women

If the Internet were a physical form, the darkest and slimiest grottos would be home to Reddit. Reddit has compiled and contributed to the world some of the most heinous pictures and comments, including subcommunities called: beatingwomen, jailbait, and most recently TheFappening.

The Daily Princetonian

SAT facelift

The College Board recently announced that the SAT is getting yet another facelift, the most drastic set of changes since the March 2005 exam debuted with an entirely new writing section.The rise of the ACT has done good things for the college admission process.

The Daily Princetonian

Say my name, say my name

In the seventh grade, my communications teacher pronounced my name “Chutney.” Even with eight years’ retrospect, I don’t think he was being racist; I just think that he saw my name on the roster, the thick conglomeration of consonants up front and all 13 letters of my undulating surname, and froze up.

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