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Marni Morse

The Daily Princetonian

Will the action continue?

I was thrilled when I saw so many people taking time out of their day on Monday to participate in the Day of Action. But as with the other actions after the election, this inspiring, heart-warming moment tends to be followed by a deep cynicism. Where were all these people before the election? 

The Daily Princetonian

Dump DeVos

In her hearing before the Senate, Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos remarked that “assault in any form is never OK”, a claim about which she “want[s] to be very clear.” Yet despite her conviction, DeVos refuses to promise to uphold the Obama administration’s guidance on how schools should handle campus sexual assault.

Pushing (The Clery Act) Boundaries

Once upon a time, Congress passed a law aimed at ensuring that university community members, particularly current and prospective students and their families, could access accurate information about campus crime. Such information would allow them to judge safety levels and determine if a particular college is indeed the place they wanted a young adult to attend for four years.

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