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Ryan Dukeman

The Daily Princetonian

Throw yourself in

As Princeton prepares to welcome the Class of 2021, the latest in a perennial series of the increasingly diverse, well-qualified cohorts, current students — even us post-thesis seniors long removed from the days of admitted-student lanyards and peer academic advising — will be sought out to provide lessons learned and parting words of wisdom to those about to replace us on this campus.

The Daily Princetonian

Hate speech: free to be challenged

Maher makes a point of phrasing his arguments in the most blunt, quippy, and quotable ways, so that they have the greatest chance of making it into a soundbite on cable news shows and Facebook newsfeeds the next day. But it is wrong to do so in light of the views this particular guest has espoused, views that anyone with basic decency, of any partisan affiliation, would see as repugnant and untrue.

The Daily Princetonian

Yes you can

In an era of unified Republican control of government, where the main levers of power are manned exclusively by factions of Ayn Rand conservatives and authoritarian populists, there is certainly much cause to wallow in defeat.

The Daily Princetonian

The Upcoming Realignment

In this campaign of ideological flip-flopping, white-hot anger, and candidates’ views that shift seemingly (as in the case of Trump during Monday’s debate) within the course of a paragraph, we would expect the deep polarization that we’ve seen in the electorate.

The Daily Princetonian

Scalia’s effect on the TPP

Of all that’s been written about the ramifications of the unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – from its effect on upcoming cases before the court to Senate races in November and even to the presidential race, to which Ted Cruz ’92 is now referring to as a “referendum on the Court” – comparatively little has been said about its effect on other legislative issues that would have otherwise dominated this year.

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