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Zeena Mubarak


The Bachelor(ette): Elections 2016

I, along with a significant chunk of Princeton’s student body, sat down to watch the first presidential debate in Richardson Auditorium last week.

Questioning our right to access University funds

We all understand that Princeton is an obscenely wealthy institution, steeped in the kind of riches that go back centuries, but after almost three years here, I still don’t understand what rights we as students have to access that money.Recently, columnist Marni Morse ’17 wrote an article suggesting that the University should subsidize student train tickets to New York.

We should speak

Recently the University rolled out the second part of the We Speak survey, designed to collect data on the prevalence of and attitudes toward sexual misconduct on Princeton’s campus so that the University can more effectively respond to such cases.

We must not erase Woodrow Wilson

On Wednesday, the Black Justice League presented to the student body and the administration a list of three demands, designed to make Princeton more welcoming to black students.

The growing inefficacy of photo campaigns

This year multiple photo campaigns were launched and executed by a variety of different groups. Just this semester, we have had the USG Body Image campaign, the SHARE Consent campaign, the Hidden Minority photo campaign and more.

More than just a month

Black History Month has just ended, so I believe now is the perfect time to look at the goals and intentions of the month, and how they fit into the history of the University. In honor of the month, Shriya Sekhsaria has been writing a very informative series in The ‘Prince’ about the history of African Americans on this campus, from the very first evidence of an African American student, way back in 1792, to the feelings of current students with regards to race relations at Princeton.